DONE! embraces different roles with various backgrounds and knowledges. So we can deal with several fields, making them functional to what is our main interest: Architecture.
We believe that nowadays there are no longer clear lines of disciplinary borders, but nuances which converge  and complement with each other. So it is that digital art, design, graphic and architecture contribute to a single purpose: create something new, innovative, beautiful!
We don’t believe even in physical boundaries, that is why DONE! diffuses and sinks its roots throughout Europe and wants to grow more and more! From the base of Milan (Italy) we moved to Bruxells (Belgium) and Rotterdam (Netherlands), and then who knows where!

  • Dennj Avanzi

    Dennj graduated in architecture at Milan Polytechnic Engineering and holds a degree in Architecture and Landscape at University IUAV of Venice. After several work experiences in Italy he moved to Brussels, where he works for the study BAEB.
    Referent for DONE Architecture Belgium.

    Dennj obtenu son diplôme en architecture à l’université Politecnico de Milan et aussi en architecture de paysage à l’Université IUAV de Venise.
    Après avoir eu plusieurs expériences en Italie, il s’installe à Bruxelles, ou il a travaillé pour le bureau BAEB.
    Maintenant référent pour DONE Architecture en Belgique.

  • Andrea Ceccarelli
    Web Strategist

    Andrea graduated in Computer Science at Università degli Studi in Milan, but start working in the field far before it. He collaborates as tech consultant for well known companies like ebay and YOOX. Now he lives in Milan where he works as a freelance technological researcher and developer. He lead the web and informatic area for Done!
    Andrea è laureato in Informatica presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano, ma lavorava nel campo già da prima degli studi. Ha collaborato come consulente tecnologico per aziende rinnomate come ebay e YOOX. Ora vive a Milano dove si occupa di ricerca e sviluppo tecnologico come freelance. Lui dirige l’ area web ed informatica di Done!

  • Davide Clementi

    Davide studied Architecture of Construction at Politecnico in Milan and Architecture and Landscape at IUAV in Venice.
    During his studies he had various professional collaborations, competitions and projects. Co-founder of O.PER.A study, he has developed a focal point closer towards the project, he is the referent of DONE Architecture Italy.

    Davide è laureato in Architettura delle Costruzioni presso il Politecnico di Milano e ha conseguito la laurea in Architettura e Paesaggio presso l’Università IUAV di Venezia. Durante i suoi studi sono state numerose le collaborazioni con diverse figure professionali del campo per collaborazioni, concorsi e progetti. Co-fondatore dello studio O.PER.A, ha sviluppato un punto focale ravvicinato nei confronti del progetto, è il referente di DONE Architettura Italia.

  • Giorgia Migliarini

    Giorgia graduated in Interior Design at Politecnico of Milan.
    Despite this qualification her main interest is focused to the landscape’s projects, vegetation and public spaces in general. She’s a creative person who loves solving problems and finding proper and successful solutions. She got several collaborations with musicians, architects and professors, for graphic and architectural projects.
    She currently lives in Milan, where works as partner of DONE! Italy.

    Giorgia è laureata in Interior Design presso il Politecnico di Milano.
    Nonostante questo il suo interesse principale è focalizzato al progetto del paesaggio, la vegetazione e lo spazio pubblico in generale. E’ una persona creativa che ama risolvere i problemi e trovare soluzioni adeguate e di successo. Ha avuto numerose collaborazioni con musicisti, architetti e professori, per i progetti grafici e architettonici.
    Attualmente vive a Milano, dove lavora come partner di DONE! Italia.

  • Davide Prioli

    Davide studied Science of Architecture at Politecnico in Milan and Landscape Architecture and  at IUAV in Venice. He took part in several competitions and workshops  that led him up to Chigago, USA. Currently he lives in Rotterdam being referent for DONE! Netherlands.

    Davide studeerde Science Bouwkunde van de Politecnico in Milaan en Landschapsarchitectuur en op IUAV in Venetië. Hij nam deel aan verschillende wedstrijden en workshops die hem leidde tot Chigago, USA. Na kleine werkervaring in Italië verhuisde hij in Rotterdam, NL waar hij werkte eerst voor Cityforster en Shift Architecture. Momenteel woont hij werkt daar steeds de referent van DONE! Nederland.

  • Chiara Prioli

    Chiara studied Science of Technology and Communication at Univestity IULM and Editing at Università degli Studi in Milan. After short work experiences in the field she joined the group, for which takes care of corporate communication and press agency. Currently she lives and works in Milan, she leads the communication of DONE!

    Chiara ha studiato Scienze della Tecnologia e Comunicazione presso l’ università IULM ed  Editing presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano. Dopo brevi esperienze di lavoro nel settore si è unita al gruppo, per il quale si occupa della comunicazione aziendale e dell’ ufficio stampa. Attualmente vive e lavora a Milano, dove dirige la comunicazione di DONE!

  • Pietro Sava

    Pietro studied Science of Architecture at Politecnico in Milan and then took a degree in Architecture and Landscape at IUAV in Venice. He has a great deal of work experience in international and national context as architect, designer and graphic. Historical partner of the team O.per.A, he deepens the hedonistic nature of the project. He works as freelance in Salento, where he is referent for DONE Architettura Sud Italia and Mediterranean basin.

    Pietro è laureato in Scienze dell’Architettura presso il Politecnico di Milano ed ha conseguito la laurea specialistica in Architettura per il Paesaggio presso l’Università IUAV di Venezia. Vanta molteplici esperienze professionali in ambito nazionale ed internazionale come architetto, designer e grafico. Partner storico del team O.per.A, approfondisce i caratteri edonistici del progetto. Svolge la libera professione nel Salento dove è referente DONE Architettura Sud Italia e bacino del Mediterraneo.