• HEADER-float
  • PROGRAM: Floating infrastructure
  • TYPE: Commission
  • CLIENT: Neighborhood Association
  • TASK: Revalutation of Borgo Basso
  • SIZE: 3250 sqm
  • YEAR: 2008
  • STATUS: Idea
  • LEADER: Davide Clementi


  • TEAM: Davide Prioli, Guido Tesio, Pietro sava

Until 30 years ago Borgo Basso was mainly inhabited by fishermen who solved the problem of periodic flooding by raising their houses above the ground and moving by boat. Today the village of high historical value is no longer inhabited by fishermen and it’s getting depopulated. The proposal is based on the principle of flotation. A new floating promenade redesigns the bank in harmony with the river’s rhythms of water level change. The electronic-controlled positioning capability allows the floating promenade to adhere to the fronts of the houses maintaining the link with the land, encouraging the tourist flow thanks to the spectacular event.