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  • PROGRAM: Art pavilions, Harbour and Restaurant
  • CLIENT: S.Bartolo Natural Park Authority
  • TASK: Public use of S.Bartolo Park cliff
  • TYPE: Competition
  • SIZE: 124.000 sqm
  • YEAR: 2010
  • STATUS: Idea
  • LEADER:  —
  • TEAM: Davide Clementi, Davide Prioli, Pietro Sava, Alessio Summa

The project explores the touristic use of the cliff of the natural reserve S. Bartolo that ends in the popular waters of Fiorenzuola Bay. The focus of the project is on a new pedestrian connection between the beach and the road that runs on the ridge, bridging a height difference of 400 meters. This infrastructure, which includes a series of escalators, becomes an engine for the development of a series of élite tourism in the area. The sex-appeal of the new connection is strengthened by the introduction of a sequence of programs along the route: exhibitions and art pavilions, a restaurant, a marina and a yacht club at the exclusive Fiorenzuola beach.