• HEADER-metro
  • PROGRAM: Public transport
  • TYPE: Proposal
  • CLIENT: Province of Rimini
  • TASK: City coast connection
  • SIZE: 30 km lenght
  • YEAR: 2011
  • STATUS: Idea
    • LEADER: Davide Prioli


  • TEAM: Davide Clementi, Andrea Mancini, Pietro Sava

The city of Rimini is the main city of the “Riviera Romagnola” that stretches along the Adriatic Sea. During the 70’s Rimini has seen an incredible boost in tourism that has generated a sprawl of small municipalities that are situated between the coast and the railway.
The project proposes the constitution of a linear coast metropolis supported by a new public transport system in the form of an elevated monorail that replaces the obsolete railway that currently divides the coast developments from the main land. The former railway is transformed into a linear park that serves as connector between the various developments as well as their hinterland.