• HEADER-plex
  • PROGRAM: Mall, parking and multiplex cinema
  • TYPE: Competition
  • CLIENT: AgK Construction
  • TASK: Planning of commercial area
  • SIZE: 2.175.000 sqm
  • YEAR: 2008
  • STATUS: Idea
  • LEADER: Davide Prioli


  • TEAM: Pietro Sava, Alessia Hill, Federico Olgi

Marghera, a suburb of Mestre, is subjected to a slow process of conversion from industry to retail (and from production to consumption). The project for a new trade-and-leisure center is situated on a ‘terrain vague’ between two commercial retail centers, along the Romea Highway. The design is based on a gradient of functional parallel strips that develop from the road with heavy traffic, to the parking, to the commercial boulevard into a linear park. The commercial boulevard becomes the main connecting infrastructure that stitches both the existing and new programs into one commercial landscape.